Terms of Service

Some points might be up to discussion, for commercial work please contact me for price assessment based on your project.


  • All drawings will include a subtle signature that you may not remove. 
  • I might record the drawing process and post some derivation of it on my Patreon or stream while i work on Twitch. 
  • Prices are subject to change based on size of the project. 
  • I have the right to reject any order that I do not feel comfortable drawing for any reason.
  • Do not use for promotion art made by me without my explicit permission. It will usually include purchase of rights to use.


  • Currency accepted is either USD or Euro and can be paid through PayPal or bank transfer.  
  • Commissions can be paid either 100% upfront or split 50% upfront and 50%, split is possible only for commissions exceeding 200eur. 
  • Don’t send me any payment before I have agreed to give you a slot and requested you to send me the payment. 


  • I will notify you when I have started on your commission and you, therefore, lose the rights to a refund (see point 7 further below for more info on refunds) 
  • I usually update my clients on each key stage for review to ensure piece is up to Your liking:
    – composition
    – rough sketch
    – line art and base colour
    – finished piece 
  • During the reviews, you will see work-in-progress and these images will be smaller than the finished piece. 
  • The time it takes to finish your commission varies 1 week – 3 months depending on factors such as health, the complexity of the commissioned piece, other work and con seasons.
  • I prefer to make piece just right rather than make it rushed to make it asap, if there is important deadline for it (its a gift or other reasons) let me know ahead. 
  • If anything comes up that will slow the progress of the initially estimated delivery time I will let You know. 
  • Once the piece is finished you will receive the full-resolution image along with a web-friendly size. Note that there is no physical product.


  • A fee will be added if you want something changed on the final drawing. 
  • If you wish for me to change something in the drawing you have previously approved, I will charge you a fee to change it. The amount of the extra charge depends on the change you want me to make and is usually based on an hourly wage. 


  • I, Zuzana Nemcova aka “Ssapdra”, claim the rights to the produced drawing, not the buyer. Therefore I am allowed to use the copyrighted artwork to:
    • Use it for self promotion freely
    • Publish books with it (artbooks, etc.)
    • Post it wherever I want 
  • The buyer is allowed to:
    • Use the commissioned piece for personal use unless agreed otherwise
    • Print the artwork and claim the character(s) as their own, but not the artwork itself.
    • You are not forced to give me credit when you post it but it is very appreciated. 
  • The following is considered copyright infringement:
    • Reproducing/using the copyrighted artwork commercially – means making money off it in any way. (you can buy rights to do so if you decide later on)
    • Claiming the artwork as your own
    • Removing my signature from the artwork
    • Altering the artwork without my consent 
  • Rights to the image for your own non-personal use may be purchased at any time.


  • I will do everything I can to make my customers happy! 
  • If you have a problem with anything in regards to the commissioned piece please tell me right away so we can find a solution together. 
  • I am willing to change some of my terms for you if you ask before I start on your commission. If you, e.g., do not want me to post your art anywhere, we can discuss this.


  • The buyer is not allowed a refund once I started working on the commission. 
  • If for any reason I am unable to start your commission you will receive a full refund. 
  • If you cancel your order before I started it, you can get a full refund. 
  • If you are getting a refund, do not request a Paypal chargeback. I will transfer the money back to you myself. 
  • If you request a Paypal chargeback at any point when you were not allowed to ask for a refund you will lose all beforementioned rights to the commissioned piece and I will have the full right to profit further from it in any way. I will decline the chargeback and supply Paypal with our conversations in which we talk about the commission as evidence that I have completed work for you. Furthermore, you will be blacklisted for commissioning me again.

If the buyer breaks any of the points stated above they will lose all the before-mentioned rights to the artwork commissioned from me, Ssapdra, and I will have the right to profit further from the commissioned artwork in any way I see fit. If you have a problem with any of these statements, they may be changed if discussed with me prior to paying your commissioned piece.

What do you get?

  • Drafts/mockups that you must decide which one I should continue with (depending on the complexity of the commission there might be fewer or more drafts) 
  • Sketch and/or final sketches that you must accept before I continue the work 
  • Insight and involvement in color plan (depending on the complexity of the commissioned piece) 
  • Full-resolution file (at 300 DPI) of final drawing and a smaller version for internet upload. Final file formats are usually PNG.
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