Price List


If you are interested please email me with what you want along the references or if you have any questions regarding commissions.
Prices are for orientation and may change depending on details and other characteristics you want. 
Commercial work starts at 1,5 of the base price.



starting at 100€ (circa 130$)


Waist up

starting at 160€ (circa 200$)

Full Figure

starting at 200€ (circa 250$)

Private commissions – double the standard rate

Commission outside of price list 100€ upfront and 30€ per every additional hour

Background – simple background (just splotches of colour) included at my discretion,
 anything else
starts at 50€ and depends on complexity of the task


simple character design in chibi form

Base + 1 dressing option – starting at 150€

every additional dressing option – plus 30€ to 200€

back view – plus 50€

set of 3 or more key items or details -starting at 30€

Simple Portrait


thicker lines, cel shaded, no bg but can be put in simple shape frame as well if desired


  • Simple colourful portrait
    of Your character from the front
  • no/simple shape background
  • one revision of the sketch.

good for avatars,
table top game icons
and as reference for future commissions

What i will need:

– reference for face

– reference for colours

– preferred expression

– reference for accessories if you want any and have specific ones in mind


sketchy, softer lines, painterly, inside of circle frame, good for Rolld20 type of games


Animated gif


30€ for single
100€ for set of four

starting at 150€

This is for complex GIF animation with 5 or more key-frames and extensive back and forth to make it as smooth as possible not 2-3 image swap deal

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